PAC Software

Posted by on November 26, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on PAC Software

In my experience, new and small PACs are very hesitant to consider purchasing PAC management software.  They feel the benefit doesn’t justify the cost of a system.  While in a few circumstances this may be true, for the vast majority of PACs, it is not.  PAC management software:

  • allows your organization to ensure receipts are aggregated to the correct individual by using a key identifier for each individual;
  • allows easy updating of contributor data without manual data entry;
  • allows posting of receipt data, alleviating manual entry;
  • tracks disbursement data so that limits can be more effectively managed;
  • allows for easier state compliance reporting;
  • compiles Federal and most state reports; and
  • enables PAC staff to report back to management and members on progress toward goals.

In addition to the above, the use of a PAC management tool will save you time and reduce your risk of filing errors.  If you don’t feel that you need a strong tool to manage your PAC, think about the issues that can arise from errors in reports.  While the FEC File tool will work to get you registered, the next task on your list should be an evaluation of the tools on the market.