Compliance Reporting

  • Provide complete and accurate compliance filing to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state agencies where client is registered
  • Assist in the registration of newly established PACs – identify appropriate personnel, secure Tax ID, prepare and file registration documents, determine restricted class, and assist in the preparation of governance documents (bylaws, contribution criteria, etc.)
  • Maintain accurate registration documents on file with the FEC and state agencies
  • Research state regulations as required
  • Receipts and disbursements data entry
  • Review check requests for permissibility and limits; prepare checks
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly and compare to FEC report
  • Create management reports
  • Maintain appropriate records for additional oversight

Other Compliance Services

  • Audit finances and processes to ensure compliance with the law
  • Create written procedures for transparency, audit requirements, and succession

Solicitation Consultation

  • Prepare solicitation materials, including solicitation strategy and timelines
  • Assist in program implementation as needed
  • Provide research and benchmarking
  • Create ongoing member communications; i.e. annual reports, monthly newsletters
  • Compile statistical reports

PAC Budgets

  • Strategize to establish budget to meet legislative goals
  • Prepare materials for PAC Board or other decision makers