Year End Tasks

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Year End Tasks

Prior to the end of the year is a great time to review the operations of your PAC and start preparing for next year.

Things to consider:

  • Dedicate some time to review your written procedures to ensure that they accurately reflect how the PAC operates.
  • Meet up with your HR and/or IT contact and check that you have an accurate record of your restricted class.  Also, see if there is a need to augment the information you are currently receiving for soliciting and analysis.
  • File everything and prepare a set of files for the coming year.  Archive files older than three years.  If possible, make an electronic copy to your network.
  • Audit your enrollment cards.
  • Thank everyone on your internal team for their efforts during the year.

Strategic Planning – you should have already started this process for 2014, but if not – get started!  Commit to and document your goals for the PAC, the solicitation strategy and communications, as well as PAC events and an ongoing communications plan.  Also consider the metrics you will use to assess your success and how often you plan to report on your progress.  With this framework in place, you can begin thinking about the details and be ahead of the game.