Compliance Checklist

PAC Start-up

    • Identify a Treasurer
    • Secure a separate TIN number for the PAC
    • Open a bank account
    • File the FEC Form 1 within 10 days of decision to start PAC
    • Identify an Assistant Treasurer (cannot accept or disburse funds without a treasurer; assistant treasurer acts as treasurer in absence)
    • Vote on a recommendation to the Board to start a PAC (thereby giving you an official decision timeframe)
    • Establish governance for the PAC for transparency – bylaws, procedures, etc.
    • Create a PAC “team” and document all procedures

Compliance Checklist

  • Receipts deposited within 10 days of receipt
  • Disbursements issued and delivered to recipient immediately
  • Receipts and disbursement data entry completed timely
  • Bank account reconciled monthly following close of month
  • FEC report prepared and reviewed for accuracy before filing


  • Set goals and objectives
  • Plan solicitation strategy and timeframe
  • Prepare Prior Approval letters for member organizations
  • Prepare solicitation materials
  • Evaluate success

Ongoing Efforts

  • Communications to PAC members
  • Communications to PAC Board